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Best wrestling pod ever!

Adore this show!


Absolute nostalgia! Just finished the aug 5th episode! I remember that day like it was yesterday! You guys were spot on with your views. Even gave perspectives I hadn’t considered. Your right the cameramen were changed the game! I loved it. Now it’s the norm. Tuning in to your Aug 8th episode now!! IM HERE TO STAY!

Great hosts and content! Love the discussions 🎙

Listened to episode “Chris Jericho vs Nick Gage and Bray Wyatt release from WWE”. Love the announcer and intro music! Great host chemistry and comradeship! You cover Pro-wrestling news in such a unique way. Inserting your personality and energy into your podcast is great. Respect to your opinions on the current state of wrestling. Recommend this to any enthusiasts who enjoy talking and debating the sport and where it is headed for the future.

The RadioFreeProWrestling Show is Worth it!

Today was the first time I listened to the Radio Free Pro Wrestling Podcast and absolutely loved it! Both Shawn and David provided plenty of passionate explanations and commentary about “Pro Wrestling” to keep me engaged to the end. This pair is a great duo and I look forward to listening to the next episode!

If you’re a wrestling fan, this is for you!

I listened to Ep 47 and the hosts, Stunning Shawn and David the Smart, reviewed the event NWA When our Shadow Falls. The guys also discussed the end of Kay Lee Ray’s reign (which was 649 days!). She is no longer the NXT UK Women’s Champion. If you are into wresting and want to follow along with various matches and sport info, I’d highly recommend this podcast!